How the rise of anti-crime politics caused lasting harm to Black Americans

Law professor James Forman Jr. discusses the dangers of overreacting to an uptick in violent crime.

The British government wants more mayors and fewer councils in England

The goal is to streamline operations, but it's not yet clear how local government would change.


High-profile projects have been scaled down or scrapped. Instead, economic recovery and digital inclusion are the focus.


Cities are seeing now that they have what they need to reach their mobility goals.

In Paris, the pandemic gave a boost to urban farms

“For the first time people realised the value of local agriculture.”

After Sidewalk Labs, the 'techlash' movement turns its eyes to contact tracing apps

"What about technology in cities are we not getting a chance to imagine by letting private companies do it for us?”


People now need helpful cues to navigate familiar spaces. These designs show how it can be done.
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